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K Tronics is an Authorized Dealer for WeBoost (formerly Wilson Electronics) based in Madison, Maine. WeBoost, (based in St. George Utah), is a manufacturer of high end transmit and receive cell phone amplifiers. Drop calls during your commute? No cell reception or very poor reception at the lake or the hunting camp? Give us a call!

Anyone that promises you cell phone reception anywhere is a fool or a liar. What we can promise you is this: we can greatly enhance your reception! Did I mention that a WeBoost wireless cellular amplifier will also improve the data rate of a wireless data card from your cell phone company? Not only that, but will drastically improve the performance of your cellular network enabled mobile devices like tablets and laptops, even wireless alarm system communicators and other machine-to-machine communication dependent devices like ATM machines and vending machines, especially in more rural areas!

We have had many, many instances where a customer had the dreaded "Searching for Service" message on the phone until installing the WeBoost amplifier (or "Booster") and had maximum bars on the phone after installation. We have had instances where the customer way, way back in the woods and used to have to drive 20 or 25 miles of dirt roads to get service but only may have to drive a half mile now. Sadly, yes, we have had instances where we weren't able to help the customer, or rather the customers' expectations may have not been in alignment with actual performance.

Of the nearly 1000 amplifiers we have sold in the last few years, fewer than one-half dozen have come back to us because the customer wasn't satisfied with the performance. Since K Tronics is an Authorized Dealer of WeBoost, we honor their 30 day satisfaction guarantee : if it doesn't meet your expectations, return it to us and we'll refund your purchase price. (Obviously, it must be clean and accompanied by the original packaging and receipt!)
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Jeff Ireland, Owner

57 Main Street
Madison, ME 04950

207 – 696 – 3200


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K Tronics is an Authorized Retailer for DISH based in Madison, Maine. We service residential DISH accounts in Franklin, Somerset and Kennebec Counties (Maine). We service commercial DISH accounts statewide. In both residential and commercial realms, some travel charges may apply - be sure to inquire when you call.

Have a small camp on the lake and need just one standard definition TV connected? Got a four bedroom home with six TVs? Have a restaurant with twenty High Definition TVs? A hotel with 200 rooms? K Tronics can meet your television needs. The owners has been in the satellite TV industry since 1993 (since before little dishes existed!). We have owned and operated K Tronics in Central Maine since 1997, and have been in the same storefront since 1999!

Already got a DISH system and need an upgrade? We can do that, too!

Got cable or Direct? You really should give us a call today! Let us show you how much you can save by switching to DISH!